Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST) Vs. Traditional 1031 Exchange

Which best suits your investment profile?

Download our informative guides and learn the basics of each tax mitigation strategy and easily compare differences between the two.

Illustrating unique investor advantages, these concise yet informative guides are a valuable resource when navigating the best capital gains tax deferral strategy upon selling any highly appreciated investment real-estate.

Bonus Guide Included:

Get in the Zone – Qualified Opportunity Zones

Discover how capital gains from the sale of almost any type of appreciated asset can be reinvested in a Qualified Opportunity Zone and achieve immediate deferral of tax or complete elimination of all capital gains tax accrued, starting after a 10-year holding period. 

Capital gains may have resulted from the sale of:



Mutual Funds

Real Estate

Business Sale

Other Assets



What Is A Smarter 1031 ExchangeTM?

Established to support industry professionals and their clients when executing the sale of investment real estate. A Smarter 1031 ExchangeTM provides the framework for a streamline client experience and transaction process. As Fiduciary’s our goal is to support our Professional partners through advanced client-focused tax and risk consulting that seeks to defer, reduce, and even eliminate taxation to the client and/or their heirs if done properly!

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